OT Push Buttons

Westinghouse Oil-Tite pushbuttons, selector switches, and indicating lights are designed to prevent the passage of oil, coolant, cutting oil or water. Contacts cannot be fouled by these substances when units are mounted in special Oil-Tite enclosures, machine cavities, or other suitable enclosures.

The Oil-Tite line gives maximum flexibility through the use of two basic parts: operator and contact block. In addition, it offers the advantages of minimum projection in front of the panel, shallow contact block behind the panel, a contact block designed for stacking, and interchangeable operator color caps.

For further conveniences, stations can be assembled by the customer using basic components readily available from stock. Oil-Tite units are available in standard assemblies or can be custom built to meet almost any requirements.

Note: All OT Push Buttons, Switches & Plates are available for shipping to USA customers ONLY.